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LGV Driver's info, time sheet, lorry routes, LGV regulations.

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Lorry Routes
Cornwall, Devon, Gloucestershire, Leicester, Oxford, Suffolk, Warwickshire, West Sussex, Wiltshire, Worcestershire and London
Highways Agency. Current delays.
Driver CPC courses
Digital Tachograph Tutorial
Includes a digital tachograph simulator and printable reference pages for LGV Drivers.
Transport Fridge Tutorial
For those new to fridge boxes.
LGV Drivers Hours - Basics
    Hours - Rules & Exemptions
VOSA Drivers Hours videos
Working Time Directive
Graduated Fixed Penalties
Updated 2013
Driver CPC- Regulations, etc.
ADR Regulations, (links)
Download Publications
Sleepiness KILLS!   Causes
FTA: Tips for HGV Drivers
Screen savers, truck wallpapers
A Bit of Trucking History
Truck Art: Truck pic's with BITE!
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